Company Profile

Xi’an Rongdi Pipe (Group) Co., Ltd. has been in existence for more than 30 years:

In July 1991, Mr. Li Jinping started a business and established the Materials Department which was affiliated to Shaanxi Rongdi Corporation under National Defense Science and Technology Industry Office of Shaanxi Province, independently founded Xi’an Rongdi Pipe Co., Ltd. in 1996, and founded Xi’an Rongdi Pipe (Group) Co., Ltd. in May 2007, with four subsidiaries including Xi’an Rongxin Steel Pipe Sales Co., Ltd., Xi’an Rongdi Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Macao Rongdi Development Co., Ltd. and Xi’an Rongdi Group (Zhuhai Hengqin) Development Co., Ltd.

Rongdi is mainly specialized in the distribution of double-sided submerged arc welded spiral seam steel pipes, double-sided submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipes, straight seam resistance welded steel pipes, seamless steel pipes and other kinds of fluid conveying and structural steel pipes.
With rich industry experience, profound professional knowledge and fast supply speed, Rongdi has served more than 1,000 projects at home and abroad since its establishment, with users covering many fields such as oil, natural gas, heat, water, chemical industry, electric power, subway, mining, bridge and highway construction.

Through more than 30 years of development, Rongdi has established stable, reliable and deep partnership with leading enterprises in steel pipe manufacturing industry: Shanghai Baosteel Group, PetroChina BSG Group, TPCO, Hengyang Valin and Baogang Group. The excellent product quality and reliable product guarantee of these leading enterprises enable Rongdi to be confident to provide users with all-round product demand support and to fully implement the business philosophy of “service is our core competitiveness”!

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